Services Offered By KEO

Participation in programs will require eligibility determination. For more information or to schedule a KEO appointment, please call 245-4077.

Community Services

  • Mediation. Provides conflict resolution program to assist participants through a process in solving disagreements. It also provides referrals and information for legal services in the community.
  • Landlord Tenant Eviction Mediation Program The Legislature this session passed HB1376, and the governor signed it as Act 57, which makes significant changes to the landlord-tenant code and incentivizes mediation:
    • Renters have more time to seek assistance and to work out agreements to avoid eviction;
    • Renters have a right to mediation; and
    • Initially, the Courts can only consider Summary Possession cases for those owing four
    • months of back rent or more.
  • Peer Mediation Program. Provides conflict resolution for middle school children using trained peer mediators.

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Food & Financial Assistance

  • Home Delivered Meals. Provides meal delivery to eligible home-bound elderly. Meal delivery is also available to private participants for a fee.
  • Elderly Nutrition Congregate Program. Provides hot lunches and nutrition education at neighborhood centers. Meal sites are located at various neighborhood centers throughout Kauai.
  • Food Services. KEO Kitchen which provides USDA approved meal services for KEO programs (such as Elderly Nutrition), Early Learning Centers, and other private vendors.
  • Emergency Food Pantry. Provides emergency food to low-income families or individuals.
  • Persons-In-Need Program. Provides a one time or temporary financial assistance for individuals who are financially needy and meet the funding criteria.
  • Margaret Cargill Fund. Provides assistance for elderly persons age 60 to 64 years old who are financially needy.

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Homelessness Programs

  • Homeless Outreach Program. The Care-A-Van is a mobile unit providing services on-site where homeless congregate. The program conducts intake, referral and other needed services to eligible unsheltered homeless persons to assist in the progression toward a healthier, more stable living condition with the ultimate goal of permanent housing and self-sufficiency.
  • Homeless Repatriation Program. Funds provide homeless persons with partial airfare to reunite with family or friends for a safe and stable housing environment.
  • Mana’olana Emergency Homeless Shelter. Provides overnight shelter for homeless individuals and families to stabilize and offer them a safe place to reassess and take control of their living situation.
  • Transitional Shelter Projects. Our program provides this supportive accommodation that helps to bridge the gap from homelessness to permanent housing by offering structure, support (for behavioral health, for instance), life skills, and in some cases, education and training. It is meant to provide a safe, supportive environment where residents can overcome trauma, begin to address the issues that led to homelessness or kept them homeless, and begin to rebuild their support network. Potential participants are accepted only by referral from the Kauai Coordinated Entry System with verification of homelessness from the Homeless Outreach or Emergency Shelter programs. Monthy program fees are charged at 30% of gross income.
    • Komohana Group Home is a transitional housing site for homeless persons. Located in Puhi, the home has bedrooms for single persons and a master bedroom for a single person or couple.
    • Mana`olana Transitional Shelter consists of 8 one-bedroom units with bathroom and kitchen.
  • Transitional Housing Projects. Lawehana and Kome transitional housing sites provide safe & decent transitional housing & assistance towards permanent housing by addressing obstacles which prevent homeless persons from obtaining & retaining permanent housing through a coordinated effort of health, housing, financial and social services. Monthly program fees are charged at $1,250 for 3-bedroom & studio for $675.
    • The Kome Transitional Home is located in Kapaa. It is a 3 bedroom home for family size of 5-8 persons.
    • The Lawehana Transitional Home is located in Hanamaulu. It is a 3 bedroom home for family size of 5-8 persons and 1 studio for 1-2 people.

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Housing/Weatherization/Energy Assistance Programs

  • Emergency Electric Assistance Program. Provides a one time electric assistance for past due bill or urgent notice.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHeap). Provides funds for eligible low-income families with utility bills to receive a one time energy credit or energy crisis intervention.
  • Weatherization Assistance Program. Provides energy saving education and installation of free energy saving devices, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, refrigerators and solar heaters at no cost to eligible households.
  • United Way Loan. Assists individuals and families with a loan for security deposit to obtain or retain rental homes.
  • Pa’a Hana Group Home. A residential home for homeless adults with physical challenges.
  • Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). Acting as a CHDO designated agency, KEO assists other agencies and partners in developing affordable housing for low and moderate income populations.

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